Discover The Only Type of Water Purifier That Can Remove 99% of The Harmful Chlorine In Your Water

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Despite the fact that chlorine helped to eradicate typhoid and cholera, it is a toxic chemical, making it important to use a water purifier to remove chlorine. Although many can get rid of some, only one type can remove almost all of it to protect your health.

Make no mistake about it, using a water purifier to remove chlorine is fast becoming a necessity today and you also need to remove the other harmful ones like lead, pesticides and prescription drugs too.

What happens is chlorine reacts with other contaminants in the supply to form deadly by-products or THM's. These have been linked to causing cancer and many other serious illnesses.

In fact, it is estimated that you have a 93% higher chance of getting cancer if you use unfiltered chlorinated water. Remember that when you shower, chlorine turns into chloroform gas and means you inhale more of it from a ten-minute shower than by drinking over two litres of unfiltered water.

The kitchen jug types only remove a small amount of the chlorine, just enough to improve the taste and smell. They are too small to remove much of anything else and still put your health at risk.

The reverse osmosis (RO) systems cannot remove the chlorine but instead rely on added carbon filters to remove it. This is crazy as you only need the carbon filter and not the RO systems too! In addition they also remove essential trace minerals like sodium and calcium.

Though the RO sellers dispute the importance of these, don't be fooled. Even the World Health Organization states that everyone should drink water with the minerals in.

If you want to save money and have an efficient water purifier to remove chlorine and 99% of all the other contaminants, then an activated carbon block filter is what you should get. These types also leave in the trace minerals that keep you healthy.

The best ones can remove over 99% of the chlorine and use sub micron filtering, a dual process and ion exchange. A whole house filtration system will protect all of your water but you could also use a countertop and a showerhead filter to keep you safe.

If you follow these tips you will be able to select the most effective and cost efficient system that will help to keep you and your family safe for now and in the future too.

Visit my website below if you would like to learn more about the types of water filtration systems that I personally recommend and use.

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Discover The Only Type of Water Purifier That Can Remove 99% of The Harmful Chlorine In Your Water

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Discover The Only Type of Water Purifier That Can Remove 99% of The Harmful Chlorine In Your Water

This article was published on 2010/09/16