How to Remove Chlorine From Your Shower Water Giving You a Relief From Dry and Itchy Skin

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Chlorine is an excellent stain removal and a great disinfectant to kill or inactivate bacteria that can harm us. But chlorine is not hair or skin friendly. This organic chemical can bind to the protein in your hair and skin which can destroy the natural ecological balance. One of the harmful effects of chlorine is that it can make your hair dry and brittle making your skin flaky and itchy after you shower. During showering, chlorine can also escape into the air in your bathroom and can trigger allergic reactions in children, the elderly, and people sensitive to chlorine or chlorine byproducts.

The good news is that studies showed that a filter attached to a showerhead can reduce chlorine in water to a level that will not be harmful to the skin or hair.  To have healthier drinking and shower, Multi-Pure has a variety of water filter systems including a dechlorinating shower head filter system; This filter can provide the best solution to the problems associated with exposure to excessive chlorine in your shower water. The Multi-Pure shower filter which can be attached to a standard shower head consist of a specially-formulated KDF filter media that will effectively reduces 90% or more of chlorine from shower water. As soon as the chlorine in water comes in contact with the KDF filter media, the chlorine is converted into an environmentally safe and harmless soluble zinc chloride.

Most shower head water filter systems are not certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International. NSF is an internationally recognized, not-for-profit, third-party testing organization that tests and certifies products to ensure they meet strict public health standards. The Multi-Pure shower filter media has been tested and certified according to NSF/ANSI 177 for reduction of free available chlorine.

Multi-Pure showerhead filters come in variety of sizes and styles and come with excellent warranties. They will repair or replace any device at no charge within 12 months of purchase as long as the system is used normally. The filter can last for up to 7 months or after 25,000 gallons of water.

Therefore, if you desire healthier skin, relief from dry and itchy skin, softer and more manageable hair, less fading on colored-treated hair, improve the quality of your showering water with this NSF-certified shower head filter system.

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How to Remove Chlorine From Your Shower Water Giving You a Relief From Dry and Itchy Skin

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How to Remove Chlorine From Your Shower Water Giving You a Relief From Dry and Itchy Skin

This article was published on 2010/03/27