On The Production Of Liquid Chlorine Spill Chemical Disposal Units

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The emergence of chemical production and social development, scientific and technological progress of human civilization up to the mark to some extent, is an important area of modern production, is also an important manifestation of today's industrial development. With China's rapid economic growth, the chemical industry is also developing rapidly followed by a chemical Accident The frequency increasing, causing a large number of casualties and severe economic losses, or even an adverse political impact. Chemical industry on the one hand to our socio-economic and living standards played a significant role in improving and promoting, on the other hand to the people's lives and property posed a grave threat. Incomplete statistics show that the national production of chlorine chemical industry more than 60 years, the size of the accident occurred the benefits, there is an accident in production, storage, spill, transport accident; as a fire team, not only to enhance the chemical accident prevention, the but also to deal with chemical companies with flammable, explosive, high temperature, high pressure, highly toxic, and corrosion characteristics and potential incidents to make an accurate forecast of incident handling plan, inviting corporate projects Technology Staff set up expert groups, and conducting tactical exercises discussed, the success of chemical disasters and lay a solid foundation for handling, disposal methods and measures to gradually improve. Author to produce chlorine based chemical unit, the chemical units of the accident (liquid chlorine leakage) of the dangers and treatment measures, as discussed below.

1, liquid chlorine characteristics and accident causes and hazards

(A) of the chlorine leak causes

Chemical enterprises in production, particularly from leaking or Fire Before and after the accident, the general toxic and harmful gas (or liquid) of the great loss, because most have toxic, easy to spread and easy to burn and explode and so on, which can easily cause an accident and a large number of local large-scale pollution casualties, in the dense medium and large staff city is particularly serious. The reason, chemical leak or fire accidents occurred mainly in the following three conditions:

(1) operators of illegal operation. Chemical production, storage and transportation have strict operating procedures, if illegal, it is possible incidents.

(2) Equipment failure itself. Chemical production process, its production requires electrolysis or high temperature and pressure, low pressure, with many raw materials and products are highly corrosive, easily lead to a variety of tubes, Valve , Tower, tank corrosion damage which produce toxic run, run, drip, leak and other safety hazards.

(3) is the unpredictable unexpected factors. Such incidents are a result of chemical production process of a sudden power failure, water supply and Er Shi chemical reaction caused by out of control, and toxic substances occurring during transport knocked, explosion and leakage. Accident-induced chemical accidents occur, serious harm.

(B) the characteristics and properties of liquid chlorine production process

Production of chlorine by electrolysis of salt is mainly from the electrolyzer electrolysis to produce chlorine, hydrogen, respectively, by gas pipeline, transported to the hydraulic shop, hydraulic loading into after. But the production process, high content of hydrogen chlorine explosion-prone.

Chlorine formula cl, atomic weight 35.5. Chlorine is a yellowish green gas with strong pungent odor, is about 2.5 times heavier than air, the liquid phase volume to expand into its approximately 400-fold, soluble in water and alkaline solution, soluble in carbon disulfide and 4 carbon and other chlorinated organic solvents. Hypochlorite chlorine and hydrochloric acid upon contact with water, then broken down into a new eco-oxygen. Liquefied chlorine gas at high pressure into the liquid chlorine. Chlorine has a strong corrosive, equipment and containers can easily be corrosion leak, chlorine is a poisonous gas of combustion can occur with most intense reaction of organic compounds, such as loading containers of liquid chlorine mixed with organic compounds can cause violent reaction leading to explosion .

Industry, because of chlorine in the manufacture or use of the process if the device or repair when the pipeline can be confined strictly to the chlorine exposure. Chlorine perfusion, transport and storage, if the cylinder seal failure or poor, may place a large number of chlorine dispersion.

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On The Production Of Liquid Chlorine Spill Chemical Disposal Units

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