Take a look at the Holy grail of water disinfectants!

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In the words of William Howard Rapson, the US patent 2683722 holder for the invention of chlorine dioxide production used chlorate on Dec’ 1958.

 “Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), in recent years, has achieved considerable commercial significance in the field of pulp bleaching, water purification, fat bleaching, and removal of phenols from industrial wastes, textile bleaching, and certain other oxidizing procedures.”

It’s been over half a century since 1958 and still chlorine dioxide has been ruling the grounds as the best available water disinfectant. It was that one chemical which most people looked at after the quality of chlorine, the then leading water disinfectant chemical has been questioned.

Formerly discovered in 1814 by a physicist Sir Humphrey Davy, chlorine dioxide is produced as green-yellowish gas with the odor quite similar to chlorine. But, the things which make chlorine dioxide to stand out among the various other disinfectants are its properties, both chemical and physical.

Due to the various physical properties which are listed below, this chemical has a considerable amount of applications in various industries.

- Excellent solubility

- Stable when dissolved

- Non reactive in dissolved state, like carbon dioxide in your soda

- Sensitive reaction, which is selective as well.

- Lesser byproducts or maybe less “wastage” after treatment

- Effective with low concentrations

- Highly effective against microbial contamination.

- And the ease of storage and transportation.

But the one property than really means a lot to its users is the extremely good safety it brings with it. Applicants of the disinfectant consider the usage of Clo2 seemingly safe and non hazardous.

Applications of chlorine dioxide include the following:

  • Drinking water treatment

  • Legionella prophylaxes in therapy and swimming pools

  • Emergency disinfection of water production plants

  • Disinfection of water applications in the dentist chair

  • Salmonella eradication of chicken eggs

  • Preparation of poultry

  • Process water disinfection in canneries and frozen food packaging

  • Vapor treatment in the dairy industry

  • Brewing and drinks industry

  • Paper industry

  • Reclaimed wastewater

  • Sewage disinfection of slaughter-houses

  • Tank cleaning (e.g. bulk trailers for food)

  • Disinfection of water tanks

  • Chlorine  Dioxide applications on Oil and Gas platforms and its use on human flesh and tissue has also been guaranteed safe.

The way I look at this, chlorine dioxide is the best water disinfectant that the market can offer you right now! Go for it!

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Take a look at the Holy grail of water disinfectants!

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Take a look at the Holy grail of water disinfectants!

This article was published on 2013/12/23